Question Answer
Favourite Colour Blue
Favourite Food Anything with cheese
Favourite Drink Scotch
Pizza or Ice-Cream Pizza
Dogs or Cats Dogs
Cravings Cora Breakfast
Favourite City Antigua Guatemala
Favourite Sport Torn apart between Hockey and Basketball
Most Dangerous Holding a long Angenieux zoom about to unscrew itself from a duct taped camera rig hanging above the abyss while shooting a volcano in eruption in a doorless Illegal helicopter
Superpower Invisibility
Music Everything you don’t like
Short Quote “Qu’ils aillent tous chier les tabarnaques”
Last Book Animal Farm - George Orwell
Regrets Not being better
Still image from Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium | Zoë Kravitz

Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium | Zoë Kravitz

Still image from A Plentiful Feast

A Plentiful Feast

Still image from Learn: 1st World Problems

Learn: 1st World Problems

Still image from Still In The Cage by Skrillex & Wiwek

Skrillex & Wiwek / Still In The Cage

Still image from Life in Grey by Point Point

Point Point / Life in Grey