Francesco Calabrese

Los Angeles

Question Answer
Favourite Colour Black
Favourite Food Any Risotto
Pizza or Ice-Cream Pizza
Dogs or Cats Dogs
Cravings Make movies
Favourite City Don't have one
Favourite Sport I'm not really a sports guy
Most Dangerous Overestimating yourself
Superpower Immortality
Music Depends on the mood
Short Quote To do nothing is insane
Last Book Microcosmic God
Regrets A few
Still image from Spin Dreams / Nowness

Spin Dreams / Nowness

Still image from Valentino / Panther

Valentino / Panther

Still image from The Shift / Short-Film

The Shift / Short-Film

Still image from Yamaha / Faster Sons

Yamaha / Faster Sons

Still image from Tesla / The Letter

Tesla / The Letter