Question Answer
Favorite Colour All, just not all shades
Favourite Food Grandma's
Pizza or Ice-Cream Pizza from this number : 450-348-4914
Dogs or Cats Serval, Bengal, Siamese
Cravings Adrenaline
Favourite City A lover's one
Favourite Sport Running out of time
Most Dangerous Capitalism
Superpower Infinite memory
Music Heals
Short Quote Life imitates art far more than art imitates life
Last Book Tenth of December
Regrets Time spent looking at my phone
Still image from Lachapelle Atelier

Lachapelle Atelier

Still image from Familiprix - La Petite Voix

Familiprix - La Petite Voix

Still image from Adidas x Browns

Adidas x Browns

Still image from Sarahmee - Bun Dem

Sarahmee - Bun Dem

Still image from Matt Holubowski - Two Paper Moons

Matt Holubowski - Two Paper Moons