Los Angeles

Question Answer
- - C Prinz - - - -
Favourite Colour black
Favourite Food honey norimaki rice cracker
Pizza or Ice-Cream both, no preference of order
Dogs or Cats sphynx
Cravings takis
Favourite Sport i made it to 8th grade basketball~
Most Dangerous person walking down the street with a machete
Superpower i have turrets
Music i check the box that says *all of the above
Short Quote 'fly you fools'
Last Book fresh water
Regrets lol
- - Lucy Sandler -- - -
Favourite Colour nope
Favourite Food sushi or grilled cheese
Pizza or Ice-Cream pizza
Dogs or Cats need both
Cravings nicotine
Favourite City prefer to keep it rural
Favourite Sport swimming
Most Dangerous someone you love
Superpower empathy
Music Thank U by Alannis Morissette
Short Quote 'i don't want to live the wrong life and then die'
Last Book future home of the living god
Regrets none
- - Ariel Fisher - - - -
Favourite Colour blue
Favourite Food fruit
Pizza or Ice-Cream pizza
Dogs or Cats reptiles
Cravings flaming hot cheetos
Favourite City berlin
Favourite Sport hockey
Most Dangerous snake is the inland taipan
Superpower infinite talking
Music techno
Short Quote don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things
Last Book the kandy-kolored tangerine-flake streamline baby
Regrets none
Still image from Hennessy

Hennessy "More Is Made By The Many"

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Spotify - Anthem ft. Billie Eilish

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Nike - Discover Your Air

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X8 - Ft Willow Smith and Harry Hudson

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Ill Peach - Gum

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GQ x WhiteClaw