Question Answer
Favourite Colour Black
Favourite Food Fresh Ramen
Pizza or Ice-Cream Pizza all the way
Dogs or Cats I have both ;)
Cravings A powder day
Favourite City Tokyo
Favourite Sport Anything that has a board under your feet
Most Dangerous The mind
Superpower Time manipulation
Music Is the language of emotions
Short Quote Dreaming permits us to be insane every night of our lives
Last Book Sapiens
Regrets Wasting time thinking too much
Still image from UDM - Portés par le Monde

UDM - Portés par le Monde

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Still image from #AllAgainstOne - Zach Zoya

#AllAgainstOne - Zach Zoya

Still image from #TousContreUn - Loud

#TousContreUn - Loud

Still image from Ralph Lauren x Friends

Ralph Lauren x Friends

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Still image from Aubainerie - En mode créatif

Aubainerie - En mode créatif

Still image from BDC - You're Not Alone

BDC - You're Not Alone

Still image from Charlotte Cardin - Main Girl

Charlotte Cardin - Main Girl