Norman Wong


Question Answer
Favourite Colour Beige
Favourite Food Pho
Pizza or Ice-Cream Depends on the time you offer
Dogs or Cats Mostly Dogs
Cravings Day Old Pizza and then some ice cream
Favourite City Tokyo
Favourite Sport Thanksgiving Diner
Most Dangerous Morning Smoothies on a Big Set Day
Superpower If I touched it I’ve read it
Music More Eclectic Then John Cusack and Zoe Kravitz
Short Quote I take photos
Last Book How to be an Artist by Jerry Saltz
Regrets That Morning Smoothie
Still image from HBC ft. Annie Murphy

HBC ft. Annie Murphy

Still image from Indigo


Still image from Ssense X Converse

Ssense X Converse

Still image from Sad Girl - Charlotte Cardin

Sad Girl - Charlotte Cardin

Still image from Meaningless - Charlotte Cardin

Meaningless - Charlotte Cardin

Still image from Reigning Champ x Polartec

Reigning Champ x Polartec