Meryam Joobeur


Question Answer
Favourite Colour Blue
Favourite Food A Tunisian cous cous made by mom
Pizza or Ice-Cream Ice-Cream
Dogs or Cats Dogs
Cravings More time in nature
Favourite City New Orleans
Favourite Sport Rock climbing
Most Dangerous Our own egos
Superpower Time travel
Music Sufjan Stevens, Artic Monkeys, St. Vincent
Short Quote Follow your instinct - Anything important in my life was because of this
Last Book Akira Kurosawa - Something Like a Autobiography
Regrets None. - What seemed like regrets in the past have turned out to be my biggest lessons
Still image from The Fabric of Canada

The Fabric of Canada

Still image from Brootherhood - 2020 Oscar Nominee - Short Film (Live Action)

Brootherhood - 2020 Oscar Nominee - Short Film (Live Action)

Still image from Born in the Maelstrom

Born in the Maelstrom